Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Camera!

My twin sister: You know you're birthday is coming up.

Me: Wow it's amazing that you remembered, it's like we share a birthday or something.

Twin sister: For real now, what do you want?

Before I could answer, she continues: Hey I know, you take all these really good pictures, you need a good Camera. Done!

Me: You know how much a good camera costs?

Twin sister: Done I said! Buy your dream Camera and I'll pay for it.

Me:... (insert massive screams from my behalf)

Please make du'a for my sister and her family. May Allah Grant her the highest ranks in jannah amin.
Also you know what this means? Yup, some massive eye candy coming up your way!



Stephanie said...

Mashallah congrats! I have a Nikon and love it. What model did you get? And lenses?

Muslim Hippie said...

D90 with 18-105 mm lense and 50mm lense.

Still figuring it out. But I'm loving it.

little moments said...

congratulations...look forward to the fruits of it...what a great sister

Stephanie said...

Daaang, you did get hooked up! I've been itching for that prime lens for awhile now but I'll probably get a 35mm 1.8 cuz the 50mm doesn't autofocus on my model (d3000). Have fun! Oh yeah, the flickr Nikon groups are a good place to glean info and rub shoulders with other photogs of all different skills.I've learned so much from their forums.