Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday link loving

This is my view from our living room couch, where I usually sit and blog.  This is Mei's room, and tonight for the very first time Grabby's crib has been moved downstairs to join her sister's room. Mei is especially ecstatic about not being alone anymore.
She's been creeping into our upstairs bedroom at the wee hours of morning (around 3am) every night, declaring that she's all alone. She broke my heart.
I hope this new arrangement settles things down a little.

On with the links:

I think it's safe to say that I am drawn to female vocalists more than male ones. I linked to them before but they are just lovely.

If you were my friend in school you probably know that I am a hat lover. I was probably the only Egyptian girl (at the time) with boy-cut orange hair (trust me I turned many heads in my time, not happy turns though. I got spat at once). So to cut down the attention I often times wore head coverings (ah the irony) including hats, bandannas, turbans (it's true! ah youth.) Here's what I would be rocking right now except I think hats and hijab are two ingredients that should NEVER mix. (if you are amongst those who mix the two, apologies in advance. Can't blame a woman for her opinion.)

I Heart this woman's photography skills. She makes me want to be a better photographer.

Five dollar sale at Urban right now. gotta love summer sales.

Happy Monday.


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Rahma said...

Lol, you make yourself sound like you're a 100 years old woman! You're fashion still rocks, hijabi or not!