Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Try this, Ful

(get it?)

I've been meaning to share several fava bean recipes, but haven't had the chance. Here's a very simple recipe if you choose to make it from a can. 

But first--a snippet from wikipedia, for the novice fava bean eater:
Fava beans are a common staple food in the Egyptian diet, eaten by rich and poor alike. Egyptians eat fava beans in various ways: they may be shelled and then dried, bought dried and then cooked by adding water in very low heat for several hours, etc. They are the primary ingredient in Ta`meyyah (Egyptian Arabic for falafel), and Egyptians have made deriding Levantine felafel (made from chickpeas) as inferior something of a national sport. However, the most popular way of preparing fava beans in Egypt is by taking the mashed, cooked beans and adding oil, garlic, lemon, salt and cumin to it. It is then eaten with bread. The dish, known as ful medames, is traditionally eaten with onions (generally at breakfast) and is considered the Egyptian national dish.

You can also read this NPR piece about it.
know enough now? Good. Shall we proceed?

If you are of the fussy type– you can by all means buy your beans dried or fresh (if you can find them) and dry them, then soak them, then rinse them, then cook them over very low heat for over 8 hours, then mash them,  then dress them up in some salt, pepper, oil and lots of cumin, then follow the recipe below.
But if you want a quick health-ish fix, then start from this step :
Pre-cooked and peeled fava beans (Buy this brand and no other If you can find it at your local Arab store– “California Gardens” precooked and peeled fava beans. Or do the above prep. first.
2 table spoons olive oil, or butter
1 big tomato- chopped
1 small onion- chopped
1 small bell pepper- chopped
Half a bunch parsley- chopped ( and a little for garnish)
2 eggs
In ( preferably an non-stick) skillet, add your oil and toss in your onions and cook until soft and translucent ( don’t over cook) for about two minutes. Then open your can, and dump the contents of the whole thing in your skillet– stir it with the onions, and let cook for a couple more minutes.  Stir-in your parsley and tomatoes and cook until your veggies wilt a little.
Now, here’s the fun part– make a well in the middle of your skillet and break inside it one of your eggs, then carefully spread all the egg whites in the mixture, also scrape the top of the egg yolk, very careful not to pop it ( I don’t like wobbly thingies in my eggies!) and incorporate it in your cooking beans. Repeat this step for the second egg.
That’s it you’re done, add your garnish and serve with warmed pitta bread. ( btw I didn’t have parsley or bell peppers on hand)

Stay tuned for more fava bean recipes.


UmmLayla said...

Nermz, I was just thinking of you and how much you would heart the Lifeways training I am at right now!!! You should come to Boulder with me for the one in June... We'll be roomies.

Muslim Hippie said...

UmLayla-- I would love to,what do I do with the little ones? what do you do with your gang?

UmmLayla said...

Well, we could talk about that if you have an interest. My kids stay with my DH... But I could help you work out something for your children... Some people just make it a family vacation and then the husband spends the day w/ the kids while mom is in class. But there are other ways to work it out, insha'Allah. The training in Michigan and California have child care on site... But I am biased and want you to come to the Colorado one;)

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned!!! And it's not just for people who have programs, there are moms who have play groups and everything. Check it out and e-mail me;) I think it's right up your alley.