Monday, March 1, 2010

Deleted Bench and links

I was just going to log on, give you a very late, yet silly Bench Monday which entailed a puppet camel and a thrifted chest, but I indeed have bad Camera mojo these days. I some how managed to erase all of today's captures... go me!

So instead you get links:

Her niece could really use some help.

I am considering getting this for Mei in yellow (her favorite color).

They have giant sale at urban outfitters, hop over there quick!

I had no idea that new bowls are a mood changer. Feeling restless towards the end of the season... treat yourself to some bowls!

Spring cleaning on my mind. (inspired by her, also check out her links)

What an awesome pattern!

I am all about solid scarves these days (they go with everything and are simple and straight to the point) I found some reasonably priced over there.

We are currently into this show. It's really interesting once you pass the first episode.

Anything you guys care to share?


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