Friday, March 12, 2010

the color green

St Patrick's day is on March 17th. Here are some green crafts dedicated to the color green:

Green slime. I am totally giving this a go this year. Mei is currently obsessed with slime. "mommy it's eww, but we can eat it, right?"... "Um,wrong!"

Green glow water.  I don't own a black light, but it's still neat and green.

Green homemade play-dough. To make it green just use green food coloring. So st. patricky right?

Any crafty ideas dedicated to the color green in your quarters? please share


When I first got pregnant with Mei, I signed up to receive their updates, four years later and two babes they're still going strong.

In their weekly emails they have a section called fun facts for the week, here's this week's fun fact:
The biggest Rat in the world is as big as a dog. (should've been titled the scariest and grossest fact of the week!) I so did not want to know that!

Peace, hmph!


lauren said...

As big as WHICH dog though? I hope not as big as Oscar dog (who you may remember is very large). But as big as like a teeny chihuahua? I could see that. Still gross, but less terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the big rat, might they mean the recently discovered (cat-sized) Giant Papuan Rat?:


Another Anna said...

Lauren, an Oscar-sized rat is even beyond ROUS territory. Shudder.

Muslim Hippie said...

Lauren, you have a good point!

FunkyManT, wahooaaa!

Another Anna, (even though this is aimed at Lauren, still I'm curious) what does ROUS mean?