Monday, March 15, 2010

a lame excuse and a rant

It's 10:35 pm right now, my camera cord is in my upstairs drawer desk sitting all in darkness, My desktop is staying up late with me--downstairs that is, leaving my other desk-top vacant.

Let me try again at this: what I'm trying to convey to all of you currently confused readers (so very sorry, the class didn't pay off. I am indeed more stubborn than I thought) is I am too lazy to go upstairs and grab my camera cord to download a very late Bench Monday. Instead you get late night babbles (again so very sorry!)

I watched 'Alice in wonderland' in an IMAX theater this weekend-- I came out with a sore neck and a giant disappointment. How can anyone mess up an 'Alice in wonderland movie' in this day and age, let alone Tim Burton, c'mon! 'Alice in wonderland' got turned into an epic battle between good vs evil people, really? do we really need another one of these movies, like we don't have enough... plus where is all the word play? Alice for the first time in it's history made sense. IMAGINE THAT!
I did however enjoy Johnny Depp as the hatter very much, also Helena Bohnham Carter was a quite believable queen of hearts, but really she's a great cast at any unusual role I think. OK end of rant (not my usual self I know. I think I am passionate about this because Alice was a big part of my childhood memory. I did not read it until now, I must confess, but I did however watch the Disney movie and a french animated series that they broadcast over our Egyptian TV channels when I was growing up--very sentimental, sob sob.)

I am afraid this is all I have for today, a lame excuse and a rant. Blogger is acting weird and I am sitting here trying to have the patience to deal but can't.
(I want to assure everyone that despite the strange post, I am in a fantabulous mood these days. It's officially spring in our neck of the woods, need I say more?)


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