Thursday, March 18, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

 About yesterday's blog. I may have unintentionally had you think that I was emotionally hurt or something-- I wasn't. I understand how her brain works (sorta). I was just insanely embarrassed and shocked for about 30 seconds, but then I snapped out of it. I mean the girl will go from a full force, high pitched screaming and wailing into sheer happiness in five seconds-- if you say the right words that is. She tells me while extending one of her arms: "mommy, my arm has feelings and you hurt them. I feel very sad." So I say while petting her arm: "oh you poor arm, don't feel sad, feel happy, and I won't hurt your feelings. Then she says: "mommy I think my arm in happy now." and then she hops away while giggling.

I get chased often by a giant walking book. The book will chase me until I eventually sit on the floor and then it'll get shoved into my face (oh the bruises I have from all these books being forcefully thrown at me --dang those cardboard books!)

Grabby is a book lover, and so is Mei of course! but Grabby, oh my, she'll walk a mile after me with a book-- or sometimes two (or as many as her little hands could carry--don't underestimate her, when there is will...)  as soon as she sees that the book landed securely into whatever part of my body she could attack, she will then proceed into giving me her back, then she will start backing in (yes just like a truck,) I can even hear the warning backing horn go in my head: BEEP BEEP BEEP and she's parked safely into my lap and on we proceed. She'll be a librarian this one, or a fish (she LOVES bath time, as soon as her eyes open in the morning she'll demand:BAA = bath. if I am not too tired she'll get a bath after every meal *whispering* sometimes before too)


This season's first lady bug. Hello and hello

In Egypt we call it 'Torly', in Morocco it's known as 'Tajin' and in America they call it 'Stew'. Call it what you will. In this household we call it exactly what you need to finish off another wonderful day Alhamdulilah (made with grass fed goat shanks, in case you're curious)


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