Thursday, March 11, 2010

Right here, right now

It feels like spring over here, complete with random passing thunder storms n all. Was it yesterday? no the day before that: sixty degree weather and sunshine, we made it back inside with a struggle, which is what has been happening lately every time we try to go back inside. Mei throws a fit. I would too, except that someone has to prepare dinner--otherwise...

Don't expect much sense from me today. It's not likely--  you see I recently discovered a free kindle app. on my beloved iphone, older books can be free of charge or for a dollar max. You know what this means? (other than major squeals and dorky dances from my behalf) Alice in wonderland read out loud to both girls during bath time, and then a little bit more. The possibilities are limitless.


I used to think that I minded the rain, apparently I don't. (except when it's below freezing and raining) We ventured out today in the rain, no car, no stroller, no umbrella, or rain boots. ( I know I need to work on the latter two) The L was our friend for the day. I took the girls to not one but two different places with two different train stops, lots of up and down stairs, puddles, splashes, pigeons (?) stop lights, you get the idea (God bless the Ergo carrier.) I used to think I didn't like going out in the rain. I have no idea why i thought that, when all of my rain memories are good ones. Anyhoo this is my conclusion for today.

Also I haven't been taking pictures (well that's not entirely true of course, I do take "right now" photos still and share them with family, this doesn't count though, or at least to me it doesn't... alright?) I haven't been rushing to capture moments these days, because I don't feel the urge to find something inspiring or beautiful, the weather is doing this for me these days. I just want to sit and enjoy the transformation of our white grounds to brown, the little bulbs pushing through the earth, the birds songs, the sunshine and the rain, my babies running in our yard with just their t-shirts on. I don't want camera captures for these... I just want to be right here, right now.

Happy spring everyone (I know we're still some time short... just don't tell anyone)


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