Monday, February 22, 2010

Right now... space bar is marked with red crayons and there are a couple of red lines on my screen too-- Grabby visited my room today, discovered my stash of crayons in my desk, and decided to leave me something to remember her by... Thanks Grabby!

... the recharger for my camera went missing, I am pretty sure Mei packed it somewhere inside one of her many little packing things: pouches with zippers, backpacks, coin bags, plastic bags, trunks...etc. Did I ever mention that Mei is obsessed with packing. Three years old and she's been all over the globe already--go figure.

... I spent the past two hours meal planning and writing down recipe's-- yes the old fashioned way. I can explain: I currently (still) have tiny space left on my hard drive-- from all my toe, feet, back of the head amongst other weird closeups on food, wooden floors, sand-photos.You know, all the weird stuff you get to see here--only I take about five thousand photos and choose the perfect one to share with you(believe me not an easy choice. I hear ya I'm a madwoman) so I cannot add the extra shenanigans to make my scanner/printer work on my computer. My wrist and fingers are killing me!

... finally after four years of interrupted sleep, I am sleeping for six hours straight (six!) thanks to Grabby who so easily obliged to our agenda of night weaning. Breastfeeding is one of the joys of life I think-- when you don't have to interrupt your sleep to do it, it becomes even better... if this is at all possible.

... this morning I received the sweetest mind-opening, smile-inducing- private blog comment in my in-box and I haven't had a chance to reply to it yet. Thank you *smile*

... I am a little embarrassed about all the wrong time slots I entered for yesterdays blog post. If it was confusing for you, go back and re-read the fixer upper. sorry.

... I am missing my sewing machine.

... I am inspired by him (what a handy dad one can have! you can find a lot more projects on his blog, I recently added it to my sidebar)

Leaving you with today's Sunny Bench Monday

 OK so this is from two weeks ago when it was actually sunny. It's definitely not sunny today and we are currently experiencing a winter storm, hmph. Also my camera is dead. so...
Happy Monday everyone!


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