Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Times... they are a changin...

Hello friends,

 (photo credit: Inge Warga)

They painted the sidewalk of the famous pyramids street in Egypt's flag color, they are having seminars to educate the regular people (like myself) about political issues, the constitution...etc

New emerging Egyptian lingo (copied from twitter): Positive:
Enta Gamed Tahrir = you're Tahrir cool.
Waheshny mozaharat = I miss you as massive as protests man.
enta gamed 25 haga = You're awesome like 25 jan.

Enta wad agenda = You're an agenda dude.
Enta fakes Kentucky = You're Kentucky shameful.  (you know coz the government was giving out KFC boxes to bribe pro Mubarak protesters)


I definitely feel like I'm missing out. I do feel like my humble contribution is taking care of my family, especially my slowly-stress-recovering-babes. We are staying with my in-laws in Madison/WI for the time being, everyone here has been more than wonderful, changing their lives and routines to accommodate our family. We are truly blessed.
My husband is honoring his one year teaching contract and flying back to my free Egypt tomorrow... I am jealous, sad, excited and nervous all at the same time. He is looking forward to experiencing a new Egypt (although we still have a long way to go) and re-uniting with his post revolution students.

So my girls and I are hoping Egypt will accept this very small offer (big to our family) of staying with out our rock for the coming five months. I would fly back with him in a blink, if we haven't been hopping three continents for the past two weeks. The girls are the ones who are suffering at the moment and they need to settle down.

So here are some shots from our settling down process:


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