Friday, June 19, 2009

CSA Goodies

Our first CSA box finally arrived yesterday. Oh how I waited SO impatiently.

The best thing is I actually knew all the stuff that was in there( I usually encounter a couple of strange produce challenges every season, and I'm sure they're still yet to come) Except for the green garlic which I first thought was green onions, but then I read the newsletter, along with the recipe suggestions, and found out it's actually garlic. Hey I can deal with garlic. I'm a big garlic fan as a matter of fact.

Here's a list of what we currently have ( Minus the Asparagus, we finished that right up) in our fridge or on top of our counter:

Lettuce ( two kinds)
Green Garlic
Fresh Mint
White Button Mushrooms
And Fresh Organic eggs

The best thing is everything is fresh, local, organic and I know exactly which farms my produce and eggs came from. Plus I even get a picture of one of our dear local farmers tilling the lettuce fields in the news letter. These lettuce he's tilling I am eating right now. How cool is that! I love My CSA.

We had this for dinner last night along with home made bread from this book. I sure do love Asparagus. What's your favorite produce this season?

I am currently thinking about making this and this. Ah the choices!



Sarah said...

I love the vegetables they look amazingly fresh subhan Allah. And so green!! I love vegetables.. I like to bake asparagus in the oven with garlic,salt pepper and parmesan... tastes lovely.

You mentioned spinach twice btw :D

Muslim Hippie said...

Yea. No brains anymore! Everyone sends me messages pointing out mistakes. I guess I need to blog less frequent if I want the quality to be higher. Oh well.

saritta202 said...

no no, keep blogging as frequently and you do! I look forward to reading them and when you don't blog I get disappointed!