Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alter Ego!

I'm probably late in my discovery, but we tumbled across Janelle Monae through an NPR interview... She:

Has an android alter ego ( how rad is that?), an awesome hair do that only she can pull, mesmerizing dance moves ( Plus she can moon walk. Anyone who can moon walk definitely wins my respect!), and fantastic presence and showman shipment.

Here's a favorite by her.

I think If I had an alter ego, I would definitely be like Kiki: a flying witch delivering stuff all around, with a pet black cat that has an attitude, and a small stereo. You can't beat that! I already have a nice broom, now all I need is a cat... and a small stereo. ( I wouldn't want to be a teenage witch though. I'm glad those years are over!)

What would your Alter Ego be?



Sarah said...

I loved Kiki :) She was so cute.

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes, but you never told me what would your alter ego be?