Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I've been doing...

I haven't been sewing or cooking or cleaning for that past week I pretended to be fixing my computer. Nope. I was just breathing.

Taking walks down at the millennium park with a particular charming man of mine.

I've also been::

Thinking about projects in my head, and watching a lot of threadheads youtube videos.

Browsing the rules of the road manual. In hope of renewing my permit, so I can get that stubborn, license of mine!

Eating dinners out, in the yard, with the girls. Visiting parks, street fairs and garage sales.

Indulging in some green and blacks, sipping hot teas and reading this fantastic book and dreaming about chocolate covered coconut macaroons. ( recipe included in the book)

( Amongst other unpleasantness not worth mentioning. The unpleasantness meaning during that week. Not the book. Oh nooooo!)

Tomorrow, I have a dusty house to clean, bread to make, a written test to take, and hopefully some craft time with that lonesome, old sewing machine of mine.

What have you been doing?



Alia said...

Asalaamu alaikum! What a lovely surprise to find you on a blog! My name is Alia Ghulam and I am a Colombian/American married to an Omani. I converted many years ago and have two beautiful children. I am an avid quilter and crafter. I understand what you wrote about and you did a great job. I am not offended at all. I am so curious how an Egyptian woman ended up with an American man. He must have converted or been born one. Anyhow, I met my man at a Uni International party. I was raised in St. Louis so went to Chicago a lot in my life. Just wanted to say hi and salaam and have a look at my blog if you would like:

All the best. Ma'salaama Alia

PS. Your English is impeccable and do you have a recipe for my favorite dessert of ALL time, omali????

Muslim Hippie said...

Wa aleikum al salam Alia,
Great to have you here! Yes, my husband is a convert like yourself. I met him in Egypt when he was finishing his grad. school.

The Om Ali recipe can be found here:

Just to give you a head start. I'll be contacting my mom for her amazing version. I know she doesn't use coconut. I made it once when I first came to the U.S then got distracted learning other exotic (to me) American desserts.