Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quilted Phone cozy tutorial ::

I am one of those people who doesn't like changing my bag often( ever!). I'm not a big fan of moving my bags' contents from one bag to the next, for the mere change of look. Instead I just use one Hobo style bag until it dies then I move on to my next victim. This means that over the years ( yes years!) of use, my bag becomes a dump. It gets a once a year spring cleaning along with the house ( oh the things I find in there. Scary stuff I tell you) To cut right to the chase. I was worried about my I-phone.Yes it too gets dumped right in the middle of this chaos I call a bag. How to protect my precious phone? A crafty solution was the answer.

Btw: It didn't turn at all like how I imagined it to be. Yet still I am quite happy with it. So I decided to share the love.

Today I am giving my first tutorial ever! It's so simple. even if you've never sewn before in your entire life you can make this. Laugh if you will. It's true ( didn't you notice whose giving the tutorial... Exactly!)

Ladies and Gents, without further Ado * drum roll*. The Quilted Super Protective Phone Cozy Tutorial::

You'll need:

A sewing machine, or needle and thread if you're doing it by hand
Fabric scraps, or fat quarters.
Left over batting ( optional)
Buttons ( optional)
Ruler, pencil or disappearing fabric marker
A cell phone.

How to:

1. On a paper bag or right on your fabric. Place your cell phone and trace with a ruler and pencil ( use disappearing marker if you're drawing right on the fabric) the shape of your cell phone. Leaving an extra inch all around. ( leave only 5/8 " if you're not quilting your cozy)

2. Fold your fabric in half and pin your paper bag cell phone pattern, then cut all around the pattern. Cut the fold open. Now you should have two rectangles. ( good job!)

3. Repeat step 2. Now you should have four rectangles! ( Hooray for all the hard work!)

4. cut two rectangles from your batting to fit your fabric.

5. Sandwich the batting between two layers of your fabric and pin around the edges. Go to your sewing machine and stitch all around the four sides.

6. Repeat step 5 with the two remaining rectangles and the batting. ( now you have the option to stitch parallel lines along your rectangle or leave it plain. I parallel stitched in one of them and left the front plain. As shown in the photo)

7. Stitch your two quilted rectangles along the three sides leaving the top for the opening.

8. Either flip it inside out for a neater look or trim the edges and use the same side for a raw contemporary look.

9. Decorate with Buttons ( Optional).

10. Slip in your phone. Dump it in your bag. No worries it's in its protective sleeve that you just handmade*Sob. Sob. I am so proud of you*. Now you're good to go.

This could make a simple father's day gift or a gift for a friend who has a similar life style like moi ( hey we really appreciate stuff like that!)

If you check on me tomorrow, I'll let you know what was in my CSA box today and what we had for dinner. ssssshhhh ( It's a secret!)

Peace *wink*


Kate said...

okay-- so cute. Now I feel like I need to get a phone that's worth more than, um, zero dollars (can you say free piece o junk that came with the contract) just so I could have something worthy of the cozy:)

And props on the tutorial-- it reads really well!

Muslim Hippie said...

Thanks Kate! As I was still typing and editing my post, blogger decided to Publish it right in the middle. So I went back and continued editing and re-published it to find your sweet comment. It reads better now. Even though you liked the pre-edited version:)

Yasmine said...

love it! I need to move next to you ya benty:)

Robyn said...

Very cute! Love those buttons on the front. I have to make one of these myself. My poor phone is dinged up.