Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shall we begin?

My sad, saturated computer sits, quietly by the wall, atop that small Ikea table of his... waiting.

I know I promised. But I tend to take my time on things. In case you haven't noticed yet, how many times I promised to blog about something, or do something and casually dropped it and never spoke of it again. This one is similar only I decided to speak of it... Again!

What's the problem if I can still share blog entries with you? You might thoughtfully ask.

Well * clearing my throat while puffing my chest, casually*- Almost four years ago ( which is more than the intended lifetime for devices like this one. They're built to be replaced every 2 years or so) I bought one of them fancy dual operating systems. Since I was a windows user for like ever. I still knew at heart how cool and awesome Macs are. I decided on a compromise.

So my faithful, ever so patient, Double operator Mac, came home with me one summer with no complaints. Over a period of- lets say six months. I found my self completely head over heels with the Mac side, never to look behind. Then Came my first winter in this country along with my first born. And so the journey began- net surfing along with tagging, saving, researching and saving some more, accumulated in my precious hard drive. Add to that the excitement and hovering of two first time parents. The oohing and the aahing complimented by endless photographs of the tiniest little movements: Look! she's yawning, or sleeping or simply being a baby. All caught on camera and stored somewhere in there. ( If I can retrieve them that is! He's pretty mad with me I tell you).

Then came baby number two exactly one year and ten months after. So rewind without erasing any of the above. You may want to add actually some more photos.
After my second girl was born. I got pretty overwhelmed. You know being a mom of two babes under two, away from home in a new country for the first time, and away from my mom n all. I needed some sanity. So along came a new passion of observing/documenting/photography and sewing if you will.

So, stored in this stubborn little machine of mine :: patterns, bookmarked websites, hundreds of photographs, music and what have you. Remember my bag dump situation- Similar only this I can't make a cozy for to fix it. To add assault to injury, there's a whole other side that has more junk that is not even being used( remember the double operating system. Did I completely loose you ?)
As a result of all the nonsense I just bored you with( Yes, I am not a computer person. And It's totally my fault and I promise I will get better. if I find an extra hour or two in the day. Promise!)
My computer is insanely slow. Also I almost every two minutes or so need to bang my key board violently so I can type. And every so often I have to restart the whole thing.

Get the picture now?
So here's the deal. Since I don't know how patient ( lazy) I can get. Don't test me. You'll be surprised. Or not, if you know me. The program will continue ( photo-less I'm afraid) Until either A. I completely loose it and drag myself out the door. Or B. Somehow miraculously everything gets fixed on its own.

For now I am left with


Sarah said...


My five year work was gone after my hard drive crashed.

Not to mention photos and documents.....

So pleaaase backup...

Muslim Hippie said...

Yes, The husband is supposed to help with that. Thanks for your concern and sorry about your misfortune.