Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grabby is officially one!

'Cause you can't be officially something without a celebration to mark it (yes I made this one up) which means I'm twenty or something years old. Sweet!

I can't believe a year past by so quickly! I was just waddling about, with my big fat pregnant belly. Begging for her to come out. Then she came, with a very smooth and fast entry into a tub filled with water. A calm birth and a calm baby. It's amazing how both girls carry something from their journey into this world with them.

Grabby at one is definitely spending more vertical time. It seems that she realized that upright is the way to go. She was never a speedy crawler. She took her time into mastering the horizontal world. But the vertical world called and she Answered!

We celebrated her birthday this morning. She was adorable with her snot bubbles (she has the sniffles) and her felted purple birthday crown. Happy birthday sweetheart!

And just so you know the embroidery in the middle is NOT an upside down number 2, it's actually Grabby's first letter from her "real" name in Arabic. I decorated with vintage buttons too. (yea, it only took me three weeks to finish. In my defense, my machine broke. I did everything by hand)

Speaking of buttons, and in the spirit of Halloween-- I just watched Coraline. It was everything I had imagined it to be-- wonderfully animated, twisted, dark and spectacular. A perfect Halloween Movie Indeed.

Here are some more fall photos in celebration of my sweet fall baby girl.

What was/were your or your kiddos Halloween costume(s)? and what was a favorite that you saw tonight?

My favorite was of a newborn baby we saw at the mall dressed like a Lobster. Brilliant!



lauren said...

Happy birthday Grabby!

Ruqayyah said...

Em was a butterfly, that turned into a firefighter butterfly, lol. She had a lot of fun and there are pictures up on my blog.

Glad to see that the crown got made with or without the help of the sewing machine ;-)

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Lauren!

Ruqayyah- I can only access your food blogs, the other one is private, so unfortunately I can't see your cute photos. I'm glad you and the little Em had fun!

kate said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the pictures, love the cupcakes and the crown-- so special. Also love the way you notice how each girl carries something with the from their journey-- just beautiful. And they are so very lucky to have YOU as a happy birth day to you too:)!