Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Head-o-cabbage or catch that running-melting-nose...

 Yes, it's a choose your own title day!


Grabby is feverish, with *a runny nose and understandably cranky. So no birthday party for now. Seeing the cup half full, I guess! I still have some time to finish that birthday crown.

We have very special guests staying with us for the coming week, so in anticipation and also because we had a big fat  head of CSA red cabbage in the refrigerator--just lying about--waiting to be amused in some sort of way. I made this nice hot salad. It was apparently a big hit, so try it if you happen to have a red head-o-cabbage just lying about and/or you happen upon good company (only yourself counts as good company too, unless you disagree, then I can't help you there buddy!)

 That's a lot of cabbage right there-- well I did say I had a big fat cabbage. The recipe calls for a one pounder by the way. So if your lying-about-cabbage happens to be  of the likes of mine. Then you might consider a couple of steps::

1. Don't chop off all of the cabbage into thin slices( like stupid moi), only the amount you'll be needing. (this should be a given, yet still I managed to think " oh yea, this looks about right" I really need to learn my inches and my pounds *stoopid foreignor!*)
2. If you forget step number one, put the rest in a zip lock bag then,
3. consider this nice looking recipe for the left overs. ( The recipe calls for a different kind of cabbage but I can't see why in the world this kind wouldn't work, I guess I can find out the hard way!)


*Runny nose::

An English Expression-- Runny nose; Postnasal drip; Rhinorrhea ...... Nasal discharge is any mucus-like material that comes out of the nose.

Now why am I giving you a definition for something you already know? ( you do know it--right?)

My husband lived in Egypt for five years, two of which he was living under the same roof as moi( in case you're confused, we were married.) Now naturally living in a foreign country with a language you barely speak ( I'm pretending to be my husband here, are you okay with this dear? too late and I apologize in advance) you muse about why things are said in a certain way and you try out things, like-- literally translating an expression or a phrase and seeing if it works. Sometimes it works but often times...

Well this takes us to answering my( oops your) question!

Well lucky for him-- my dear beloved husband, had a wife (who happened to be a native Arabic speaker) to try out his experiments and compare things. Like how in Arabic birds don't say 'tweet tweet' and instead they say ' sew, sew' ( so 'Twitter' in Arabic should be called 'Sewer'-- which I'm not sure it would have been such a hit with such a name)

Not to waste your time any longer, here's how my husband ruined the expression "runny nose" for me FOREVER!

Runny nose DOESN'T translate in Arabic. Instead it ends up being a running nose, which is hillarious if you speak both languages. Then your twisted brain starts picturing an actaul nose running down the street. So you ask yourself: oh but in Arabic the expression actually translates in English to  'Melting nose'. Suddenly a new slide pops in your head showing 'a running nose alongside a melting nose', and that's a whole lotta mess you try to deal with, as you're wiping off you baby's nasal drip.
But then her nose starts melting and running at the same time. Then you know you have to go to sleep, because really it's not all that, it's me babbling and ending up not sleeping enough,  and having a natural high on my little daughter's nasal discharge.

Make du'a for us both, OBVIOUSLY we both need it.


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