Friday, October 23, 2009

Three days...


My family is one of those families scattered all over the globe. We try to touch base every so often and when it's time to leave it's always not enough. But this time It felt like I blinked and my brother was gone.

The first day we went and saw the giant bean and strolled up and down "The magnificent mile".

The weather was gorgeous for exactly two days, one of which was spent mostly in a car, heading up to Madison WI to visit family. Today and yesterday were non-stop showers. But we did manage a hike in the rain, and saw wild turkeys and breath taking foliage. My brother was amazed at the fall colors and the fact that in a week he's not only going back to his country but also to the previous season.


What else?

Oh yea I have a current addiction: Crooked Still. Apparently they are on their third album. THIRD, REALLY? where was I? I am officially old ( oh well!)

And in case you're wondering. I haven't abandoned my love. Oh no. It was acting stubborn on me for some time, so I thought to give us some space.
So off went my sewing machine to the shop-- she came back yesterday, but my sewing room which also happens to be the guest room was-and-will be in use for some time. Which we very much enjoy around these quarters-- more space it is.

One last thing::
She decided to become a ( in her own words) "butterfly-tooth-fairy-swirly-mermaid-girl"
I couldn't resist.



Nashe^ said...

The pictures are nice!

Ruqayyah said...

Love the dress up. I have pics of Em as a butterfly, insha'Allah they will be up on my blog soon :-)

Muslim Hippie said...

Ruqayyah- Which blog? you have three. one of which is private. Let me know so I can check her out.

Nashe- Thanks! and thanks for stopping by:)