Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scenes from our weekend::

Our Baba went off this weekend , so off went my beloved camera on a road trip. But haha! never underestimate any device that can click in the hands of the likes of me-- I am a shutter bug after all!

It's been chilly here, the temperature falls to freezing at night time, and our upstairs has no heat vents-- so it gets pretty cold. Also we didn't put up our storm widows yet, and the AC unit is still in the window-- major drafts, I'm telling you!

Fortunately enough, I haven't been always spoiled... I managed Egyptian winters just fine- with an indoor temperature wavering on the low fifties-- all the time!

So out came the layers, and on went the oven. I baked anything and everything that could have been baked in this house: Two loaves of bread, two loaves of pumpkin bread, potatoes... I even heated some water in the oven. Hey, I was cold!

Unfortunately I have no bread photos for you today but I have cooler photos... like my own little twirling dervish. We wear our long flowy dresses, put on not-so-sufi tunes( Mei now yells "WHATCHOO SAY!" Ray Charles style) and twirl away. ( fact* Dwight style*: Did you know that if you pivot on your left foot while pushing with your right, and tilt your head to the right *twirling dervish style*. You can spin longer without getting dizzy? try it-- I did, and it works!) See how you learn new stuff by stopping here? win/win really!

So without further a due:

We also had early morning tea parties:

And enjoyed very cold park visits in late afternoons-- crunching with our feet on every pile of dry leaves we met on our way- we couldn't resist , could you?


** Edit: Apparently I wrote twirling instead of whirling dervishes. I guess it's not only little Mei whose obsessed with twirling-- Ah the subconscious and the things it reveals!


Ruqayyah said...

I love the whirling dervish :-) mash'Allah. And I had no idea about the method of whirling without getting dizzy, I will have to give that one a try. Gonna be picking up Em later today, I enjoyed some "me" time this weekend with a class, and she spent the weekend with her aunt. Lots of fun had by all :-)

Muslim Hippie said...

Haha, I just realized I wrote twirling dervish instead of whirling. "silly old bear bear" * that's me thinking to myself:)*
It's always nice to get "me" time a rare commodity these days! Glad you had a fun weekend. Did I mention how I love your cooking blog. I keep telling myself"MUST TRY CHEESE CHICKEN RECIPE!" it looks so yum.

UmmLayla said...

OK, I just wanna say WIERD!!! I just got some stuff at the store to make little sandwiches and cookies for a tea party w/ my 3yo... The flu has slowed it down, having the boys home makes tea parties a little harder, but I have been thinking she would get such a kick out of it! Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and shortbread cookies:)

Muslim Hippie said...

Ummlayla- These are fake wooden apples, wooden veggies and empty plastic cups you see in the photo. It needn't be a big production- wooden veggies do the trick We're all about pretend play here, though I must say cucumber cream cheese sandwiches with shortbread cookies, sound far more superior! Can I join your tea party?

Ruqayyah said...

Let me know if you try it :-)

And yep, me time with a four year old is a precious commodity, lol....