Monday, October 5, 2009

Canada season finale :: At the falls

Indeed my friends, we visited the Niagara falls on the Canadian side, because we were told and in fact it is true. The falls are much more beautiful from the Canadian side, you get to see the whole spectacle right in front of you. The power and the energy there were beyond comprehension. Those pictures are a disgrace. Just so you know. One of the times I truly thought to myself. Wow- NOTHING can capture this. As soon as our car pulled in enough for us to have the whole view laid before our eyes, I held my breath for a little bit-- It was truly stunning! (SubhanAllah)

So here's a glimpse: (If you get a chance, go see it for yourselves if you haven't already. Really!)

AHHH-- don't do it!

Two birds with one stone-- Two Canadian land marks!



kate said...

oh! they really *are* prettier on that side! We've only been on the US side, and all the crazy theme-park like junk next to the falls was a bit of a distraction--- this, this is just awe-strikingly beautiful!

Muslim Hippie said...

Well-- They had that crazy theme park stuff on the Canadian side too, but I ditched the pictures for this aspect. So yea, I hear ya!