Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mu'Mu Design

I am interrupting the Canada series, for a special appreciation blog post of a *fellow blogger, conscious mama and an outstanding crafster! ( *fellow- only in the first one, the latter two only describe her-- just had to set things straight here!)

I have been following Debbie for almost a year now: she is the author of two lovely blogs-- one of her crafty and everyday endeavors, and the other of her Islamic homeschooling adventures with her two sweet little boys. She documents her day to day encounters with great wit and thoughtful photography-- I especially love her "simple pleasures" series. She's the moderator of "a year of mornings" flickr group. And she also just started a new group especially to celebrate the season- called "leaf peepers". She took the vow to only buy thrifted items for one whole year. Read why she took the vow here.

Mu'Mu Design is the name of her blog as of her new Etsy shop . The shop is aimed at designing quality, and thoughtful items for the forgotten gender( meaning boys). Debbie uses thoughtful quality fabrics and often adds some embroidery and a piece of her creative soul in her items. Last month she advertised a free-shipping offer through the month of September. I hopped right over...

A sweet little smock immediately caught my eyes. How lucky am I? and it's the perfect size for either girls- though I have to say, when I pressed that purchase button- I was thinking of Grabby. And all the fun that will be had-- making messes "in style".

I always strive to have conscious shopping/living habits-- I also like to support crafty mamas and handmade items-- When I opened that sweet little package I was reminded again why. Debbie included a sweet little note on one of her 'own photography' postcards.

She included a super thoughtful little gift-- which Mei announced hers and put it to good use on the spot. I also had no idea that the smock was double-faced. ( I need to read product descriptions closely- I was just way too excited to find a girly item in the shop!)

It came in the softest of fabrics and the loveliest of colors-- Lots of little details and imperfections that make it just PERFECT.

After all this- I must say I'm not sure if I paid the right amount for all the goodness that came in this neat little package of mine. I truly think I underpaid-- and by a lot!

Thank you so much Debbie, what a great Mama and seamstress you are!

If you have little ones, especially boys, do check her shop out. She also just added cute teal colored sleeves in her shop. Amongst other goodness.


Unrelated-- Yet somehow related:

I just (finally) got my driver's license today. Yay! * screaming and jumping up and down* Another reason to be ecstatic today!



Debbie said...

*Fanes self* stop stop. Too much love!

Glad you love the smock. I love smocks - so useful for keeping the whole kid clean.

Right. Caffeine is now imbibed and me the babes have a date with a windy forest.


kate said...

Yay for such a wonderful package of goodness-- isn't fun mail (especially ordered mail that we wait oh-so-impatiently for) the best??

And double yay for your DL! Now you can drive right over to Michigan and say hello!