Friday, October 2, 2009

Canada continued :: At China town

Canada is known to have the second largest China town in the north of America... So we made sure to stop by and say '你好' [nǐ hǎo] * smile*

We visited their farmers market, and marveled at strange fruits never seen or tasted before ( If you know what the yellow thing in my husbands hand, please do tell).

The market was set up like most markets-- with fruits and vegetables lined up and piled in neat pyramids, and stalls. But the thing that caught our attention, was all the graffiti that covered the walls in the background.

(no comment!)

Most people walked past 'her' not noticing her anger and discontent-- she hid between two giant buildings peeking angrily from over an AC unit. ( I don't blame her, not a very nice setting I must say!) Beautifully drawn. I'm glad I looked.

Ah-- tyrant printed bags of infamous dictators... a must have!

We stopped by an "all what you might need underground store of sorts" and admired little plastic cheap trinkets and the like . I have to say, we couldn't resist all that silliness- so the sunhat made the trip back home with us!

Tomorrow will be the Canada season finale. Guess what we visited last?

Annnd... shalom.


lauren said...

Maybe it is a lychee?

Love your commentary on all the images. Hilarious.

Muslim Hippie said...

Lauren- you are right ( I figured if anyone would know- it would be either you or Garth), these were lychees. I never tried them. I remember seeing canned lychees in a fancy grocery store in Egypt once. I wasn't curious enough to spend the extra money on a miss or a hit. Did you try them before? are they any good?

lauren said...

I have had them canned, but never fresh. My favorite sushi restaurant as a child (yes -- I learned to eat sushi when I was 4 years old; it remains my favorite thing ever, after soup) served canned lychee as the free dessert. They have an interesting texture -- at least when canned, they are firm sort of like a canned pear.

There's a bush/tree on campus (where I work) that gets all full of these, and then they fall on the ground and don't get eaten. Maybe next time I'll gather them.

kate said...

hmmm...yellow thing is a mystery to me-- but I love the China town tour, sprinkled with observations and humor like only you can provide:)