Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cooking a storm::

Ever since I watched "Julie and Julia" I've been inspired to try out new recipes... Hence all the food photos you'll be seeing in a couple of seconds... Shall we?

( Stuffed ground beef pastries. FYI, my rolling pin is horrible and I don't have a nice round cutter, so these took the whole day just to produce a handful-- so very disappointing, they tasted wonderful though!)

(Homemade cheese! very easy to make-- a bit on the bland side though. Next time I'll add more salt)

I crumbled some on top of the quiche-- the crust was made with left over pastry dough

(Spinach, mushroom, leeks, and celery quiche-- improvised)

(A fantabulous plum/pear crumble, with ginger and crystallized ginger-- recipe from here-- the crumble should have covered the fruits( I really need to learn my inches, I used a bigger dish) and the plums were supposed to be Italian prune plums- which I didn't find-- again, didn't help much with the crumble covering dilemma. Never-the-less, still heavenly)

Homemade pizza( I used the artisan peasant bread dough) with fire roasted hot tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese... can't get simpler than that! (my first trial came out looking and tasting more like foccacia bread-- I guess this is what happens when you let your almost three year old girl help with rolling the dough)

And this is the outcome of all this cooking!


I should stop cooking now, don't you think?



Yasmine said...

everything looks yummy!!

sabrina said...

Wow, m'A! Looks delish!