Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A very orange post!

We've been planning to go to the pumpkin patch for over a week now, but have been facing some weathery ( not a word, but totally should be) obstacles. Sing with me: Rain rain, go away, come again some other day, mama wants to go 'pumpkin picking', rain rain go away * I know I improvised- how cool am I?* And just so you know I am typing this with a band-aid on my right index finger. I know-- pretty impressive. huh huh?

So no pumpkin patch visit was accomplished since the one sunny day we got ( excluding today) our man didn't feel so great. So guess what? Yup. I* big emphasis on the I*-- took the girls, strapped them in in their car seats, and drove all of us to a place that has pumpkins near by. That's right, 'cause you know what... Licenses are AWESOME!

Did I mention it was my first time ever to go pumpkin picking?( I thought it was very sweet to share a first time with my first born) As a matter of fact- it was my first time to do the whole shabang. From picking to carving my first ever! A very respected Mr. Jack. All that and we don't even celebrate Halloween-- It's true we don't. I figured this is going under the season celebration package.Why? Because I can ( being in charge is... SWEET!)

So while I was carving away, Mei was continuously stabbing little Mr. J, Not failing to acknowledge how poor both Jacks were. " oh mama, look, they're hurt... Poor poor!" still stabbing away. ( what a compassionate little girl I'm raising * clearing throat*)

So here's the verdict- The operation was a success! we cleaned his guts out, and even gave the poor fella a happy face.

( toasted pumpkin seeds- yum)

Seriously though--it was so much fun, even though I almost uttered profanity whilst trying to break the top free. I broke the stem and almost had a nervous breakdown... Luckily Baba came home on the right time ( and being first an American and second a man* this part needed muscles*) saved the day. We glued back the stem in case you're wondering.

How do you like them apples?



kate said...

yay! totally can chalk that up to a celebration of autumn...and of getting behind the wheel:) I love, love, love pumpkin patches and every other orange and red hue of fall harvests...and I was just thinking about how fun it is to get to make (or bend or break or whatever) the rules 'cause I'm the mama...we're on the same wavelength:)

Muslim Hippie said...

YES WE ARE! I just came over from your corner and it's true, sleeping on the floor after bedtime cuddled by little arms and feet is the best thing ever. It's hard when Papa leaves, but it's also special bonding time:)

Ruqayyah said...

I love to go and get pumpkins in the fall. Pumpkin pie from scratch is the best! Insha'Allah we will be going to get some soon.