Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Julie and Julia

It's 12:00 am right now( yea- don't look at publishing time, blogger is weird), and again I am not sleeping, because apparently this is more important to me than sleep!
Outside the wind is having a heated argument with the trees, and I think the wind is winning. The sky is orange and cloudy... All in all it's interesting weather. And that's that.

( what are you trying to say? you may ask...and I may answer that: I really don't know- except that I some how feel like blogging. So there, I get to type nonsense and you get to read, or not...* crazy woman* that's me talking to myself!)

I guess I wanted to blog 'cause I just came back from the Movie Theater-- in which I watched a movie about blogging and cooking, so it got my fingers twitching I suppose. I've been meaning to go see Julie and Julia ever since it's been advertised, because it's a food Movie-- only my all time favorite genre/topic. In movies and books alike.

When I first Came to this country: my 'brother-in-law's wife' ( do you have a special title for this relation?) mailed me two books-- "Home cooking" and " More home cooking" by Laurie Colwin ( thank you thank you thank you!), and I fell in love instantly. These two books are amongst my most cherished possessions, It's true. Not a month goes by without me reading at least three stories/ recipes. When I'm in a not-so-great-mood or I'm confused about what to read I'll pick one of these books and read myself until I'm satisfied or usually until one of the girls screams. That's why " A home made life " by Molly Wizenberg from Orangette was another hit with me. If you ever want to gift me, think kitchen utensils or cookbooks, or just come over for dinner and let me cook for you ( I am not a great cook, but it's one of the joy's of my life to cook for other people- so please come.)

( photo taken on the drive back)

Anyhoo, the movie was lovely, so if it's still playing at a theater near you, and you don't mind watching people cook and talk funny ( Julia Child) who was played wonderfully by Meryl Streep. Then please by all means do yourself a favor and go watch it. I have to say I had no idea who Julia Child was until tonight ( stoopid foreignor!)... So of course, when I came home- I had to watch some youtube videos to see for myself that a real person, really talked like that. And my gosh, she does!( or did) She's Fantastic. I also checked "Julie's" blog. And it does exist. It's cool that I actually watched a movie about a real person( whose not dead or anything) who I am somehow connected to, on this strange thing they call the blogosphere ( is that a word?). Neat!

Am I still rambling? and you guys are so kind, you're still here... Well, I will waste your time no more. I sleep now.


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