Sunday, October 25, 2009


If you're a Battlestar Galactica nerd oops I mean fan, then you'll know what I mean by the title.
So you might be asking yourselves( all you Battlestar Galactica peeps) what lead this 'not-so-little-person', who is known on this family friendly space not to utter profanity, to use such a word as FRAK? Well since you asked... here goes::

1. My little baby-- whom I'm not so sure if it's still valid to call her a baby ( she's been spending more and more vertical time rather than her usual horizontal norm) went down at almost 10 pm. That's right! It took hours from a very exhausted baba to try and convince her in the 'crib' direction but not tonight, oh no-- tonight she had other plans of hording all Mei's toys, books and Mermaid tail costume just to herself-- It was too much fun to leave behind. So on went her resistance and even though I must admit it was the cutest thing ever. Yet Frak is all that came to my mind.

So frak!

2. Mei didn't eat real food today. You see I have all these carrots from our beloved CSA. But seriously how many carrots does one need? For sure not 4 full bags, but it seems for the past 4 weeks carrots is what they've been growing. So carrot cake it is-- with cheese frosting-- that had to be tested and approved by little miss Mei. That's not all, oh no, wait for it. Then Baba took Mei to meet with her best friend( yes she has a best friend at this age, so very cute!) at the park. But it rained-- so obviously the solution was to go to a favorite nearby ice-cream shop and feed the girls ice-cream ( right before dinner time!) complemented by an earlier lollipop, a gift from the best friends father. ( it wasn't the baba's idea) As a result. Mei couldn't care less about dinner. So off to bed without dinner ( this really kills me, and yes I'm absolutely over-reacting, but I can't help it!)


3. My sewing machine ( in my head the last three words were yelled) Let's try again... MY SEWING MACHINE!!! Oh so very very annoying. I am not in-love. I can not stand it!
I know it's probably me, and I know I am an amateur. But really and truly and seriously (my limited vocabulary is sparing you my annoyance) what is wrong with you machine. I thought you were fixed. Grabby's first birthday is in less than a week-- all I ask of you is a birthday crown. that's it. I didn't say no skirts or pants or nothing. just a simple felted birthday crown. Too much to ask?


Dare I say it?

Peace. ( sorry)


So as I was about to upload my poorly lit images to this post ( mind you it's 11:30 pm right now and everyone in the house is sleeping so the effect was magnified- oh by a thousand) my computer started speaking to me-- umm creepy!

Computer:* robotic voice* Blogger Muslim Hippie close tabs RIGHT NOW! ( the 'right now' was probably imagined by moi)

Me: *Yelling* HUSBAAAAAAAANNNND WAKE UP AND COME DOWN RIGHT NOW, THE COMPUTER JUST SPOKE TO ME! ( thinking of the Battlestar Galactica episode that I just watched and how my computer is turning evil on me)

And it still speaks ( I have it on mute right now)

I didn't know that Apple Mac Desktops speak. Computer wizzes ( is that how it's spelled?) how do you turn that thing off?

I have unleashed negativity on this space. I knew I shouldn't have used the "FRAK" word!

Peace? Please?

** If you're an early-bird or a late-nighter you probably noticed my not so subtle mistake(s). So all you Battlestar Galactica peeps, forgive my ignorance!


Ruqayyah said...

LOL, I think as moms we think these things often. I try to keep in mind that yes, sometimes Em doesn't eat a balanced dinner. But usually she does, so I try not to stress too much, lol. The sewing machine, insha'Allah will cooperate for your crown. Em had a great crown for her 1st b-day, although we made it out of foam and other stickers. It was very cute. So I concur, "frak" sometimes needs to be said, lol. If nothing else than for a bit of stress relief, lol.

Anonymous said...

It happens with kids.
If the crown doesn't Im sure one of your friends could finish it up for you.
At least you have some humour. I think humour is one of Allah (swt) greatest blessings.