Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This space has served me well, it has been a constant inspiration. It connected me to wonderful people. It helped me find new passions that otherwise I would have never discovered.

Thank you for stopping by, following, reading, commenting and encouraging me everyone. And taking a peek at  a small aspect of our lives.

I think the time has come for this space to take a long rest.

Who knows maybe I'll start up again in the future, or maybe this will be it.

Again thank you all for your kindness.


And peace.


Yasmine said...

what? why?

Muslim Hippie said...

Because it's a full moon *wink*

.::Tuttie::. said...

oh no! you can't leave! I learn so much from you. Who is going to be my inspiration now? I know I don't post comments often but I do read it

Robyn said...

hate to see you go. but understand a need to leave. do come by and say hi.

Another Anna said...

I'll miss your blog! I have loved it!

And peace to you, too!

kate said...

Oh, noooooooo......really? really? Are really disappearing? Can I protest? Can I beg? Can I say I am SO SO SO SO sad????

Me said...

Just when I started reading it :-(

Wishing you all the best