Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates and advice?

Annnnd...he's still alive!

Any advice/experiences you care to share? I'm all ears.

Peace. ( Mouse still excluded)


Another Anna said...

Get a piece of dry pet food and glue it to the trigger. They'll have to tug and chew pretty hard to get the bait, so there's less chance they'll dine-and-dash! Also, like my dear associate El Stumpo said yesterday, put the traps in small paper lunch bags, and not only will you protect your stove from collecting forensic evidence, you'll protect your eyes from the gruesome sight and your hands from mouse germs (you just throw away the whole bag: mouse, trap, and all. That's what we did when we had rats at work, albeit with bigger traps and bigger bags. All we had to see was a tail poking out the end of the bag to know we'd been successful. Still gives me the shivers, though!

Muslim Hippie said...

We're trying it tonight inshaAllah, I'll let you know of the out come, thanks for a great advice you guys!