Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two long hours

I can't remember how long it's been since I went out by myself (when I say by myself, I mean completely alone. No babies, no husband, no friends! Just good ol'moi)

Well, yesterday was one of those lucky days. I had two whole hours! I didn't think I would know what to do with myself. To my surprise there were plenty of things I could do.

I could ride the train with out running up two flights of stairs while carrying a toddler, a diaper bag and another bag full of library books so we don't miss our ride!( we often times do!)

I could sit on the station's floor, choose the sunniest area that happens to be near the tracks, get out my book and read in the sunlight without worrying about a toddler jumping in.

I could jump out at any stop I choose, explore the neighborhood then hop back on the train and explore another neighborhood.

I could go to a second hand store and browse through rows and rows of goodies without worrying about my toddler bringing the down house( literally).

I also could get lucky enough, and discover a favorite antique store, buy a bunch of old time-y photo cards, some wooden pins and dream about my next alone time and next visit to these hidden treasures ( which happens to be the antique stores name).

Can someone do all this stuff in only two hours? well I just did and I wasn't even rushing!

I also had time to stop by a coffee shop drink some tea and read more of my book. I guess I forgot how things go faster without a two year old by your side and an almost 5 months old strapped to your chest, taking wee steps at a time.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the antique store photos even though my phone camera doesn't do them justice! ( in case you're wondering I did take permission)


This part is added:

The wedding photo:: An observation
In old time-y Egyptian photos the groom would be the one sitting on a chair with a tall fez hat and a walking cane held upright by both his hands and the bride standing behind him maybe resting one hand on his shoulder. I thought it was a nice contrast.

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