Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A typical morning for our family, in elapsed time form:

5:30 am, baba wakes up and prays, then struggles to wake mama up.

6:00 am, mama wakes up and prays then goes back to sleep

6:30 am, baba takes baby and toddler( giving mama an extra half an hour or so of sleep)

blank (I have no idea what baba does during this time, I have assumptions but only he can fill the blanks).

7:30 am, baba wakes mama up in a rush( heʻs late for school!)

7:45 am, mama reluctantly wakes up and takes over the girls.

8:00 am, babaʻs gone, mama is listening to NPR, preparing breakfast, nursing a baby, washing some dishes from last night( sometimes) all at once.

9:15 am, baby fed and napping, mama and toddler drawing and cutting some paper shapes(we draw and cut Totoro, soot gremlins, and/or anything from "My neighbor Totoro". Currently a family favorite.

10:00 am, babysitter arrives, mama runs to try to clean, cook, shower, do laundry, the fastest two hours in the world.

12:00 pm, Baby sitter leaves, toddler naps, baby is up, mama is exhausted and realizes itʻs only 12 noon.

How are your mornings?


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