Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mouse MUST DIE!

I am typing this and there are two mouse traps on the stove right now. A loud scary" SNAP" is the sound I want to hear when I am sleeping tonight!
My hubby set two traps last night. While one went "undiscovered", the other one had it's peanut butter licked clean as the trap stayed in tact. I kept thinking or dreaming that I heard a snap. But Instead I was greeted with the sad news of the mouse's survival first thing in the morning by my trap setting hero.

You're probably wondering about the mint experiment by now. Well I am sorry to say, the mint experiment only works when you live in an apartment building with five or six other families slacking and leaving lots of food out for a hungry mouse to eat. Only in that case a mouse will not bother going through the hole that has nasty mint smells(according to the mouse) and a super clean kitchen with not one scrap of food to eat.

In my case, the mouse won't bother that I spent all morning, afternoon, and night breaking my back cleaning and picking up every crumb of food( believe me with a toddler helping out mommy bake by throwing the flour all over the kitchen floor, is not easy) Plus did I mention that just to make life more exciting for me, I decided to potty train( I'm on day 2, and it's a disaster!) The Mouse doesn't care about all the stuff I mentioned above. The Mouse is hungry, my house stands alone so no other families to check on. And The Mouse is evil. Yes, he's evil I tell you. don't let his cute little face and tiny frail little body deceive you. He is evil evil evil! Plus he leaves me his "evidence" to clean after. Don't I have enough "evidence" to clean already!

Enough said, we'll see who wins this treacherous war.


Can I end this post with my usual peace?( oh well!)

Peace!(Mouse excluded)


Anonymous said...

here is a good trick: put the baited mouse traps inside brown paper lunch bags, then you don't have to clean squished mouse brains off the stove top in the morning.

-- el stumpo

Muslim Hippie said...

yea this little rodent is way too smart for us. he ate the baited traps again without setting them off! POISON? I dunno I have babies! hmph!

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister

Haha.. aww shucks..
I hope you've had luck with this.

Love Farhana