Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Mouse Ah The Mouse..

Is finally dead! We went with the glue trap after the other kind didn't work.
I really wish now that we would've taken "el stumpo's" and Anna's advice (check the comments), but due to impatience and lack of supplies, we just got the glue trap from out neighbor (the landlord).
The poor thing got glued by 1:10 am and kept struggling for his freedom till 6:00 am. to finally meet his inevitable fate. I really felt bad for his struggles, and I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.( how could I?)
Well I'm not going to dwell on it(even though I just did), now I know better for next time. ( hopefully there wont be one).

And I can obsesses about something else...The laundry oh the laundry!
I only have two kids so that makes four of us, but seriously. I won't post a photo (just to save my face) but piles, and piles, AND piles of clothes waiting to be washed, folded, sorted and waiting to be put away, every day! Yes every single day! Plus cloth diapers. ( do you hear me complaining? well I am!)

So today as I was folding the laundry you see in the photo, I remembered my mom. Mind you there was 7 of us including mom and dad( goodness!)

I remembered how part of my childhood/growing up memory was the continuous buzzing sound of our washing machine. How it shook, rumbled and danced away from the bathroom wall, only to be caught by it's attached cord. Eventually after years and years, my mom brought someone to place a little contraption around the machine to prison it in place.( Who would've thought!)

I also remember giant laundry baskets carried to the balcony to be lined and secured by wooden cloth pins for air drying. And when the rare occasion of showers struck.I remember the frantic running of a mother and her 5 little children, trying to save the ever so precious lines of clean laundry.

Oh I remember the mountains of clean laundry on the living room couch, with me, my brother and sister diving into them, the smell , the laughter, the yells( from my mother of course for ruining her neat folding).
Even the "Makwagy" (a little kiosk run by a single man and maybe a boy helper that irons everybody's clothes in the neighborhood" has a place in that dusty little brain of mine.

Folding laundry this after noon was not a chore, it was a journey through time:)


farida said...

mabrooook!! i'm sooo happy begad!

Muslim Hippie said...

yea I have a bitter sweet feeling about the poor little fella!

umm bilal said...

Assalamu alaikum,
they say if you do Dhikr while performing all your household chores then it is recorded as you have lots going for you! As for the mouse..usually there is never the ONE! Stuffing steel wool in all the little places they can possibly get through is a great way to beat them.
Love the blog title Muslim Hippie :)
Wassalamu alaikum

Yasmine said...

you brought many memories back esp. the makwagy part...3am sayyed:)

Nev said...

I love this vivid image of your childhood-thank you for sharing it!

Muslim Hippie said...

Nev, Thank you for reading:) I'm still interested in guest bloggers if you are interested, I figured out the password;)