Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mice, spiders and soot gremlins, oh my!

I was suspecting, but yup, we do have a mouse in the house!
I saw itʻs evidence on the stove two mornings in a row. A big fat ewwwww. So back to the mint leaves experiment.

I also saw a spider on my keyboard today and yelled "SPIDER", and the little one came running looking for this fascinating creature!

My daughter ( the one that talks apparently) loooooves both, mice and spiders. So when she heard us discussing the mouse situation to the landlord, she got super excited and started looking for the mouse herself. She started searching the house for some mice, spiders and while she was at it, some soot gremlins too (ʻcause, why not?).
hereʻs what she said as she ran around the house looking for all three.

"huh, where did it go?" In a very concerned manner.

"what does the mouse say mama?" waiting for me to reply.

"the itsy bitsy spider.." moving her fingers in a crawling spider motion.

and finally " COME OUT, COME OUT, WHERE EVER YOU ARE!" in a full blown volume.

Well how about a compromise, I can do soot gremlins.
So hereʻs what Iʻll be yelling for the coming I donʻt know how many days "STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, WHEREVER YOU ARE!"



WiwiTBloG said...

Interesting Story

Hi, How do you do

Mouse is one of the animal harm, if in my area, Mouse is not creature which either due them always destroy paddy crop to in crop



farida said...

ya haram ya nermenz ana momken amoot!!

farida said...

hey i also wanted to tell you that I love your rug!!

Muslim Hippie said...

Thank you Farida, the rug was brought back with us from Egypt.

WiwiTBloG, I am good thank you for asking. After cleaning thoroughly and decontaminating the house all morning and afternoon I am with you, the mouse must die! My husband is bringing a trap with him this afternoon. Sorry mouse! I have two wee ones to worry about more.

farida said...

did you find the mouse?