Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Banner and blogging

Man, I'm so bad with computer stuff, I've been trying to re-size my display photo but can't figure it out ( any tips?). Please, bear with the enormous banner for now, sorry about that!

Here's The Banner Story
About a year ago or a little bit longer, I started this blog, under the suggestion of one of my friends. I wanted to blog about sustainable living and Islam, but as you've probably noticed have been slowly moving away from the topic. Not that the topic is not important to me anymore, on the contrary. I am continuously trying to tread lightly, be aware and incorporate whatever I learn in my life and in the way I raise my children. I do firmly believe it's my religious duty to do so. But blogging about it at times felt too preachy and honestly wasn't my passion.
I guess that's not the banner story though. Sorry, I got side tracked!

Here's The Real (hopefully!) Super Short Banner story
I started this blog and wanted a cool banner. I asked my brother's very talented fiance' to draw something fitting for my blog and that was it.
Yesterday( a year later) I received the current banner photo in my e-mail along with this line:

"Hello, I suddenly remembered that you asked me once to draw a display picture for your blog. After reading your recent posts I was inspired to draw this. I hope you like it enough to post it :)"
I guess I like it enough ( A LOT!) to post it:)

The little side track story that I wrote explains to me why the picture got sent just now.
I'm glad it arrived when it arrived.

A picture about my family drawn by family.
Thank you future sister in law (inshaAllah!)



Anonymous said...

yaaaay i love the new banner! I opened your blog this morning in hope to find it and i did! Yaaay!!

farida said...

ok again not anonymous it was me:) sorry

Muslim Hippie said...

Farida you're funny!

saritta202 said... make me happyyyyyyy :D :D :D

Muslim Hippie said...

No you make me happy Saritta!