Monday, March 2, 2009

not mine

Every house hold has this one, or maybe two fruits that their house canʻt live without. In our case, itʻs apples and bananas.
( whatʻs your house holdʻs fruit?)

The apples serve as an after lunch/ before dinner snack topped with some sliced cheddar cheese, while the bananas are usually just peeled and eaten monkey style. But every once and a while I get lucky, and a couple of bananas go unnoticed, and they get dark and gross enough to go into my signature treat (banana bread).

So about a couple of days back I was ever so lucky to find those two gross bananas and I rolled my sleeves, tied baby in sling. Got out some play dough for the toddler and went straight to business. It actually took me longer than expected cause my brown sugar had turned into one giant clump, and I was hammering it with the heaviest object I could find in the kitchen, "the knife sharpener"( If you know me well enough, youʻll know I never sharpen my knives. I actually had no idea what a knife sharpener was, I figured I have to use it for something, so it became the tool that I extracted my boiled chicken by from the pot, I poked it out from its cavity! yay I found another use for it.wait a minute should I be happy that my sugar clumps, I really have to finish this thought, itʻs getting out of control, did I tell you about the one time I sharpened my knife and cut my finger? too long.. STOP!)

Back to my banana bread(phew)
The banana bread you see in the above photo, that actually finished baking by 5pm( I started at 11 am!), and was a dream of the day after breakfast with some jelly spread on top with my fake coffee drink, wasnʻt mine. It was baked by me, to be sliced and wrapped by me, to be sent off with some tea, to two worried parents who ended up spending the night in the hospital waiting for their little girl to get better. My husband came home, we heard the news and sent the banana bread for itʻs real destination. ( please make duʻa and send lots of good energy for the little girl, she passed the critical stage but is still recovering from croup).

It amazes me how sometimes god makes us tools for other people in the most mysterious of ways. Heʻll make someone like me fancy something sweet, then have everyone in the house oversee those bananas, and they get gross enough so I would bake them. Then have the sugar clump, so the one and a half hour ordeal, takes 6 hours. resulting in the banana bread coming out late enough so no one would eat it, but the real recipients of it. In this case two sleepless parents waiting on their precious girl in the ER.

get well soon sweet little M!

Btw If interested in the recipe leave a comment.



lauren said...

I'd love the recipe! Not that I'm trying to steal your signature treat. :)

regarding household fruits ... it's a lot of apples right now and citrus occasionally. Soon it will be berries!

Muslim Hippie said...

Yea you guys rock! Ideally I would love to eat locally, can and freeze summer produce, but have enough on my plate at the moment.

The banana bread will be coming soon, stay tuned;)

wayfarer said...

lol, well now you have a solution for your brown sugar. For years i did the same thing, scraping at that rock until i remembered the bread thing. Just change it out every so often. I go every 3or 4 months for it. Sometimes people throw it away thinking it was a mistake lol (husband). We are all about apples and bananas too. Good eats.