Monday, May 25, 2009

Weendend list check:

I have a picture of paint smothered all over Mei's face. If I showed pictures of my girls I'd show this one. It was quite funny. You'll just have to take my word for it.

This little number was a special request. the stuff coming out of his mouth is supposed to be flames in case you're wondering. Yea I know it's a little bit tricky. I try!

More beach. Some kids took Mei's rake and shovel (amongst other stuff that we recovered) from our yard. I really hope they're having a wonderful time with it. We'll get her some more soon inshaAllah ( god willing).

Technically the weekend is not over yet ( what's traditon for memorial day?)
But we pretty much did everything on the list (A major highlight on number 7. Mei sprayed flour all over the kitchen floor, and I'm pretty sure she ate some window paint. Nice! I mean oh no!)
Plus I cleaned our floors ( in retrospect floors shouldn't be cleaned in summer. We go to the beach a lot and come back with a ton of sand. ) and add some spring cleaning.
All in all I would call it a massive success ( the secret... did you see my list? easy peasy, lemon squeezy)

Also I have sort of a truce ( for now!) with my computer, so here are some beach photos from before and spider photos to gross you out ( I try to act excited and keep my cool in front of Mei, but I really freak out from bugs, I'm a screamer in case you don't know. Ask my rescuer*hubby*)
( did I mention that the spider comes under finding cool things. Cool things can be gross too. No?)


I am directing your attention to my new Summer banner( I downloaded Picasa in case you're wondering about my fancy shmancy collage. I'm still playing with it)

Also I update my Changing list of awesome-ness side bar, so make sure to check it out.
In case you still wont check it. At least listen to her. I get serious goosebumps. She sings old poems from our *The Arab* heritage. Her singing style and body language is so old school like "Umm Kalthoom" but her approach at tackling the song is done in a beautiful modern jazzy style. I'll try to find the English translation to the poem and post it in the future. ( need more convincing?) Let me know through comments or email. Or just listen and enjoy.( I hope!)

Whoops, I almost forgot...Peace!


Taliba said...

Hippie lady, you made my day with that breath of al-Andalus :) I love Muwashshah poetry. That's what happens when you mix all things beautiful from East and West (just like your blog :))
You reminded me of that other Arab musical form I like listening to these days: Iraqi mawwals (basically an extended vocal introduction to a classical music piece). This one by Kazim as-Sahir always gives me goosebumps (ignore the mona zaki pics):

Muslim Hippie said...

Well coming from an amazing vocalist with a great sense of melody and music, plus an academic... I am flattered! I loved the mawal you linked. And yes I tried to not get distracted by the photos!