Monday, May 18, 2009


For real:

Pizza dough made by mama and Mei

For fun:

Salt dough crafting

And that's why I am not a potter...



Farida said...

wow i want this pizza:)

Anonymous said...

very cute.

Muslim Hippie said...

Farida- Sorry( not really) to say.. All gone. It was fantastic. HOme made pizza dough..Highly recommended.

Anonymous- Is it Neeva?

Anonymous said...

im not Neeva. I just stumbled upon your blog and I realized I have alot of the smae intrests. You don't have your e-mail listed otherwise I'ld e-mail you

Robyn said...

yummy pizza! and that last bit made me smile. :0) see? :0)

Katherine Marie! said...

WOW that pizza looks scrumptious... and then the crafts--- too fun! do you have the recipe?? Thanks for sharing!!

Kate said...

is that a necklace? obviously not made by you (it lacks that special slump of the tea kettle:0)) really though-- that pizza dough looks good-- was it a make-and-have-to-leave-sitting-for-hours dough or a make-at-the-last-minute-after-soccer-when-you-realize-you-have-no-food kind of recipe?

Muslim Hippie said...

Anonymous- I am still debating whether or not to share my email. Comments are how you can reach me for now.

Robyn- Yea the last bit made me frown when I opened the oven door and saw that sad little number! but then my little girl said, oh look at the sad tea pot. lets drink some hot tea mama! Then I started smiling.

Katherine Marie- First off, welcome to my little space. I discovered your blog recently, and added it to my list cause I enjoyed it too much.
About the recipe, watch out for it, I'll share it sometime soon hopefully.

Kate- Surprisingly enough the necklace was one of my creations, the little one helped poke the holes( as seen in the photo) but then I reshaped it and baked and it came out normal looking. A little disappointing for it doesn't have my signature slump, oh well I'll live:)

Everyone- The Pizza dough , was made from the "how to cook everything" book which is one of my favorite cook books, because it really has any recipe you can think of, it's like the dictionary of cooking. and to answer Kate's question I premade the dough while making another dough for bread. then I froze it for one of those must-eat-healthy-pizza-without-freaking-out mama-and-everyone-in the-house-days. ( this should've been another post!)