Sunday, May 10, 2009

Note to self::

Stop wasting time on the computer and go straight to sleep.
( It was just 11 pm) I blinked and now it's 12:13.

Inspired by this. But obviously not even close to a grain of the wise poetic words he captured.
( when will I learn?)

The irony is I am spending more time on the computer typing this...

This was originally meant to be a one liner!

I need serious help.


Added Part::

So I guess you all noticed my earlier typo and were kind enough "note" to say anything (Hee hee..get it?). In my defense I was pretty exhausted last night...
So Note to self: Don't blog when you're cross eyed and tired.
Title fixed, no worries!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I am the same way, except I also have a 15 month old who seems to start her night waking (mama, you have to stay awake while I nurse and look at me kind of night waking) the minute I finally go to sleep. Sigh. Soule Papa's word totally got me too. good stuff.