Friday, May 15, 2009

The Incredible Bone-Eating Girl :: A Play

Scene I:

It's raining outside. The sound of rain trickling on the windows can be heard from the dinning room. The table is set with two big bowls of reheated, leftover, lentil chicken stew, a small plate of broccoli mixed with mac-n-cheese, and a very small glass bowl half filled with mashed bananas. A family of four is gathered around the table, ready for lunch.

Main (all) characters:

Mei (the eldest daughter, 2.5 yrs old)
And last but not least baby Graby (the youngest daughter and family member, 6 months old)

Act I:

Mama (juggling between feeding herself and placing a spoon in Graby's mouth): Can you pass the buttered toast?
Baba (promptly reaching out for the toast): Sure!
Mei: I want some butter from the fire dishes ( A butter dish with a red flower petals shaped handle resembling "in Mei's head" the shape of flames, hence the name)
Mama: No, Mei... How about some Mac-n-cheese? Mmm Yummy mac-n-cheese!
Mei: No, I want the fire dishes.
Mama (trying to scoop up Graby's banana spit from her chin and carefully placing it back in her mouth): How about some soup ( Referring to the stew).
Graby at this point breaks the argument with an ear piercing squeal followed by some elaborate banana spit flying everywhere.
Mama (Looking at baba, and pointing hysterically at the wipes: WIPES!
Baba grabs the wet wipes box and pulls a couple of wipes with one swift move.
Mei, uninterested in all the commotion: How about the fire dishes...

End of Act I.

Act II:: Scene I:

Two minutes later...
After cleaning Graby's mess mama looks at mei and says in the most reasonable tone she can manage: Mei sweetie, how about some CHICKEN! You loooooove chicken.
Mei eying the bones plate in the middle of the table says:
Nope... How about bones...
Mei by this point is starting to reach out for the bones.

Baba looks at mama waiting...
Mama helpless and tired and still trying to feed Graby whose still spitting her bananas all over her bib and highchair, Looks at baba and says jokingly( not really!): Well they have calcium, no?
Baba: Alright...
Mei Crunching away.
The family continues eating in a relatively quite manner ( if you delete Mei bone crunching sounds and Graby's spitting noises)
Five Minutes later Mei breaks "the silence" asking:
How about some Bambi Bones?

The sound of silverware dropping on the hard wood floors, then a close up on an open wide mouthed Baba, Mama, and even little Graby...

The End!

I was going to take pictures of the half eaten bones, but decided to protect my poor readers eyes!

She did love this book. You think...?



saritta202 said...

wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

(tears in eyes)

Should've given her the buttered toast mama!

Muslim Hippie said...

Saritta- I did give her buttered toast but she still went for the bones. What can I say my daughter is weird!

UmmLayla said...

Layla still crunches on the bones when we eat lamb. Only now she's old enough to articulate that she likes the marrow... Eww to me, but to each his own. For the record, I used to give all the kids chicken leg bones (with everything but the big bone pulled off) when they were teething... So I can either blame that or the fact that DH hunts the marrow from large bones!LOL

Muslim Hippie said...

UmmLayla- Yea, Egyptians do suck out the marrow! Never was a favorite of mine, or my DH for that matter... I wonder if her half Egyptian genes are more dominant than what we try to teach her.huh!

wayfarer said...

lol. pakistani's suck those bones too. gives me the ibby jibby's.