Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just take a deep breath...

I've been enjoying this little space of mine a little bit more each day, and quite frankly I've grown so accustomed to it, that I feel something missing when I miss several days in a row without checking in.

I started off this blog for completely different reasons than what this blog resembles to me now. If you've been following me from the beginning, you'll know that I started this blog based on the suggestion of one of my friends... I mistakenly believed that there are a scarce number of Muslims interested in green living, and making a connection between our religious teachings and duties and sustainable living. ( boy was I mistaken!) So I felt a need to bring awareness and provide recipes and ideas about the topic.

I slowly moved away from that place though. I realized not only that I was wrong( there's an admirable growing number of fellow Muslims all over the world who are green and active about it in different impressive ways. I thankfully got the opportunity to get in touch with some of them through this blog), but also it wasn't my passion to write about.

So here I am one year later( I think!). Still a blogger, sitting almost every night typing away. Thinking about my day, remembering the good moments. Listing my blessings, my favorite things. Sharing memories. Showing off homemade bread, a new learned skill, a simple dinner recipe or just a regular morning. Connecting...

I am a stay at home mom, away from a land I grew up, went to school and made friendships at. I don't drive ( I did drive in Egypt for many years, but for some reason It hasn't worked out here yet.) and with two little ones; the mobility and alone times tend to be sparse.

So this space has found it's place in my heart. It continues to help me find my sanity and feeds my spirits with positive energy. It connects me with wonderful inspiring people (It really amazes me how a small effort like this one builds groups, friendships and communities) and inspires me to appreciate life as it is.

As cheesy as this post is sounding to me before any of you right now, it's true. I needed to let my cheesiness out in the open! Cause yes that's another thing that this space brings to me. It crystallizes thoughts and makes them real. So I believe... I now truly believe I am capable of doing this. It's not so hard. Just take a deep breath!

(Btw I scattered some photos to lighten things up a little. Two serious posts in a row is not like me. Bear with me, I'm pretty emotional these days.)


FYI, all the photos are scenes from our yard and home.


Yvonne, My Halal Kitchen said...

asalaamu'alaikum sister,

we are neighbors (I'm in Des Plaines)! My friend told me about your blog, and yes, I'm just as interested in green living as you are, alhamdullilah. In fact, green living is inherently the way a Muslim should be living, anyway.

Keep on blogging, I'll be back, insha'allah.

Robyn said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

You know, I personally think blogs are about the person writing them. Though there are niche blogs, I have often found those people often get off course and talk about their lives and what they're currently into. I think it is too hard to just narrow the focus like that, though there are a few blogs that do it well. Anyways, what i'm saying is that I like your blog as it is, I like how you talk about your family, talk about Islam, talk about being green, etc. So, keep it up. :0) This does not mean that if you were to go back to writing solely about green living, I would stop reading. You make some good points and have a great perspective.

Farida said...

ahhhhh, ya bent enti eih 7ekaytik? I love your blog and read it every day.

Anonymous said...

Yalla ya Fareeda, I cant wait to see YOUR blog. Hayeb2a koll 7aga noss masri, noss Englizi--I'll feel right at home :)


Muslim Hippie said...

Yvonne, Hala Kitchen- Welcome to this little space of mine:) Yea we sure are neighbors( I'm Up in Evanston).
I stepped over in your halal kitchen and I have one word for you...YUMM!

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