Thursday, May 7, 2009

I love spring!

Behold there's going to be lots of photos in this one...

Marge Simpson Giant Plants ( As called by my observant other half)

Eroded riverbank showing off some serious giant tree roots.

All I want is a book and to be left alone on that inviting bench.

Sunshine. The perfect Breeze. Seventy degree, bug free weather. Naturally results in the fastest out of the door time we ever made as a family! And a great place to be at for this kind of weather... The Botanic Gardens, which we are officially members of as of today ( Woohoo!)
And I couldn't resist sharing some eye candy with the rest of you:)
Yes the last photo is more bread shared by loved ones. And I really need to get my hands on this book. Seriously!


Also Peace...

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Kate said...

Now I want that book too! I learned to make linen bread bags a bit ago (you can find the easy gift over at scroll down a bit) but I stink at baking bread.

Love the spring photos....there is something about all this bursting new life and energy that just screams to be captured in images (um, especially when the other halves come up with such scientific names like "marge simpson plant"). tee-he, tee-he.

btw, I am loving your blog too. And we're just across the lake, over on the northern end of Michigan.