Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Right now!

We live in a day and age where we are just one click away from loved ones. I understand its definitely not the same as being in physical presence and contact with loved ones, but it definitely makes life a little bit easier and distances a little more bearable.
I see my mother as often as three times a week, depending... She lives between Egypt and U.A.E, and I currently live in the good ol' U. S. of A. as you all should know by now. ( really you didn't know, well now you know... read my profile. It's like two lines, c'mon!)

I definitely still miss her, I still yearn for curling up next to her under a thick blanket ( in winter!) on our living room couch, in-front of a TV screen that's never off, yet never watched( Egyptians have this tendency to keep TV's on forever. If you ask them why they'll say, to feel there are people around, or for company. It's true!)

I miss her cooking which, I always ask about in our conversations. Sometimes I make her bring the dish up to the web-cam so I could see it up close.( there's nothing like your mother's food, even if she's not a great cook. Though my mom is definitely a great cook) I miss her smell, I miss her hand squeezes, I even miss her tears. Happy tears to share and sad ones to wipe out and comfort.
I don't think I could've lived away from her if we weren't living in this day and age. My husband told me they used to have a wake for Irish people when they left to America in the olden times.
God I'm so grateful.
I do listen to this song from time to time ( I can't listen to it often though, I start bawling whenever I listen to it, sometimes it's good to cry your eyes out though, if you know what I mean, and that's when I need to listen to it... No worries it doesn't happen a lot)

Wow, look at my stray thought... I was actually blogging to tell you about this:

For some time now I started doing this thing where I send right now pictures of the girls and special "nows" ( I know it's not a word!) in our lives to loved ones.
So for what it's worth I am sharing a right now with you from this morning, after all, you are loved ones, aren't you? *wink*

Have lovely mornings, evenings and afternoons.


A few hours later... right now::

My first attempt at a no knead bread.


Farida said...

Nermine you made me cry!! Can you post the no knead bread recepie pls.

Robyn said...

That is really so neat that you get to keep in touch the way you do. Insha'Allah I will have that kind of relationship with my daughter.
Oh, and I was just going to say that you could look into Twitter which allows more minute by minute updates. I don't know if it allows pictures, though. But I love that you were making bread this morning. :0)

Anonymous said...

Your mother is a beautiful, spiritual woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Maadi. I am also away from my mother and I thank God for the technology that allows us to keep in relatively close contact, despite the distance.

UmmLayla said...

How sweet about mom and so true. We put a vonage phone in SIL's house and we stay in touch that way, technology is good for that.

Is that artisan bread in 5 minutes a day??? I have been experimenting with it. DH (the local food critic, LOL) is not impressed yet. He likes my regular bread better. But I like it and it has been nice to have fresh bread every day!LOL Anyway, whatever the recipe is, it looks good!

Muslim Hippie said...

Farida and Umm layla- I was trying out the no-knead bread recipe found on the side bar list. I'm getting the Artisan bread book soon, and can't wait to try it, I heard a lot of good stuff about it.

Robyn- It sure is special to have a house filled with a the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.

Anonymous- Is this Dara? May Allah unite all loved ones together.

Kate said...

I live two houses away from my mom. And I totally just started crying while cooking dinner reading this. Have I told you yet how stinkin' glad I am I found your blog???

Alia said...

Oh Ladies,

You are so lucky to have your mom's computer and technologically hip. My dear Mami is not and my dear sister doesn't do anything to help. I started my blog so that my best friend in St. Louis and my family in Cleveland could see my day to day stuff and keep in better touch with photos but they just don't. It is so sad for me and now hearing this song has made me sadder. I had a birthday yesterday. That is 15 years without my family.

My Mother left her mother with me from Colombia and moved to America. Saw her once and she died. Mesquina. Her mother left Spain and never saw her mother again. Mesquina. I get to go home every two year, alhumdulilah! Still, it is never enough!

Muslim Hippie said...

Alia- I hear ya!