Saturday, May 2, 2009

Highlights of the week::

I gave the babysitter a week off and I'm experimenting with handling both girls on my own with no two hour breaks from the babysitter. So last Wednesday was our first trip to the library all three of us on our own. It worked well all praise to god::Home made cupcakes for the class in celebration of my husband's last day in school:: A delicious lentil veggie dish that I am really digging at the moment and yes I'll share the recipe soon inshaAllah (god willing):: My first attempt at homemade sandwich bread altered from this book (I substituted one cup of rye flour instead of all purpose flour, and added fennel seeds and sunflower seeds, Fantabulous!)::Our dryer broke just in time for spring so we're forced to be green and happy about it, sorta!( we'll be out of a dryer for a whole month! Help!) It does rain a lot in this part of the country. Four people ( 2 of which wear about three outfits a day) plus cloth diapers... you do the math!

Have a wonderful weekend.



PerplxinTexan♥ said...


Your week was alot more entertaining than mine I wonder what would happen of you too had been on drugs.

saritta202 said...

Cupcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakes. It's weird I just bought cupcake backing sheets the day before yesterday. I always had the recipe, never had the backing sheet. Coincidence?

I love the bee boots Mei is always wearing. They are fabulous! Mashallah. Maybe you should blog about them.

Muslim Hippie said...

Perplxintexan- Thank goodness I wasn't on medication, Life is interesting as is!

Saritta- Coincidence...No, fate... most definitely!
The boots story would take me one line to blog about, to spare everyone... Found them at a favorite baby store in Madison, bought them way too big, and now she fits them. A very happy ending indeed!