Thursday, May 21, 2009

Children' s books we love


Today I don't have any photos to share, and it's not because it's one of those photo-less blog posts. Umm... nope! The reason for me declaring this, is because the time has come for my computer to be taken to a professional.
After years and years of messing around with no experience and little organizing. My computer gave a clear statement of it not being happy with me. And, that is an understatement. I actually censored the real version to keep this blog reader friendly. (Sorry pal, you got sold to a lousy owner, it's your luck what can I say? Wait... Am I talking to a computer? Well I have officially lost it. Not that you guys haven't noticed from say yesterday's blog post or maybe this one? or... never mind)

Moving on...

Today I am sharing some of my favorite children' s books. What brought this about is:
The lack of computer cooperation to share photos ( I originally was going to share some beach photos from our trip to the beach the other day, which is by the way a fake beach. I say that because it's a great lake, not the ocean. Plus how come you guys * meaning all you lucky Americans* have so much fresh water? My Iraqi baby sitter whose been in this country for almost a year now, was stunned to learn just yesterday that what she's looking at is a great lake. Coming from a place with lots of deserts and just the one Nile...hehee just the one. I'm ever so amazed! Yes, I did it again, a very long stray thought. Sorry!)

(re-read the third sentence from the last paragraph just to refresh your memory and come back to this line. Good now read on) Also 'cause we just received this book by mail today and we love it or anything by Amy Krouse for that matter. She's wonderful. Here's another book we love by her. The illustrations in the latter is by far my favorite children' s book illustration ever.

We also love anything by Eric Carl. I love his collage style illustrations.
Illustrations in any book but especially in a children 's books is a big factor for us buying or checking it out from the library.

Mei really loved this book. If you happen to read it. look out for the cat pooping in the street (sorry for using the "P" word in this Post, but lets face it. A blog post about children, it was bound to come up). Mei always points out to the cat and says:" no, cat don't poop on the floor. The poop goes... in the POTTY! * insert mama and baba's voices joining in the last part* This book was read a lot during... (you guessed it) potty training time. I'm glad that's done for now. Again, Fantabulous ( currently my favorite word. The irony is it's not a word. Also just so you know,borrowed from Eddie Izzard. Thank you husband for introducing me) Illustrations.

Anything by Dr. Sues. Some of my favorites are The Sneeches, Oh the places you'll go, The Lorax... Mei is just getting interested in elaborate Dr. Sues books, it's really fun to read them to her.

And finally we got this book as a gift and it was Mei's favorite for a long time. She has it learned by heart. The illustration is so lively and the dialect used is super fun.

I don't need to mention the obvious classics. Do I?

Before I end this. Two questions:
What's your favorite list? And how do you truly understand any of my blog posts and come back for more? It's a mystery! The latter is rhetorical just so you know!

Wait for it... Peace *wink*


UmmLayla said...

OK, I have to do a list of my favs... I am going through our books today, insha'Allah, to organise them for our "summer school" room. Look for it on my blog.

Bushra said...

I came upon your blog and love all the information you provide. I am curious to know how you use the CSA for food. Do you get your meat from them as well or do you get a discount for not using their meat?

Muslim Hippie said...

Bushra- Thanks for stopping by. To answer your question: Our CSA only provides a weekly or bi-weekly box of produce, you can also sign up for a cheese and/or egg carton share. There are so many different kinds of CSA's out there, and you can find a meat one in all the locations if you look up the link I provided earlier. We only eat zabiha halal or kosher meat. we do find kosher organic chicken in our local whole foods and we have a couple of farms around us that provide grass-fed organic meat and we have friends that can slaughter( we don't do that much though, we're not big meat eaters!). There's a Halal co-op that provides organic grass-fed meat and they ship anywhere in the U.S. They're called "Green Zabiha" here's their link:
Hope that helps!

Bushra said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

UmmLayla said...

I posted my list on my blog finally!LOL