Thursday, May 28, 2009

Call me stubborn!

It's 2:30 am right now!
I started around 11:30 pm... and that's how stubborn I am!

A backpack it is!

A special thanks to Robyn. Check out her awesome blog.



Sarah said...


And it's even got a little M for Mei too :D

Awesome really. I want to start sewing again too.. you make it look so much fun mashallah.

Robyn said...

that turned out really cute! Oh, and I was pulling one of those all-nighters last night trying to finish a gift. didn't happen, but almost. :0)

Kate said...

We need to have a middle of the night crating party, for stubborn types only;) Love the bag-- your kiddos are so lucky to have such a great mama..

ps. I think you should vacation across the lake (and up) this summer. I'm just sayin'....;)

Kate said...

little tom lake is So Far South:) You need to take your middle of the night crafting skills and come further north;)

Anonymous said...

Salam - this is really good.
I will certainly need this for the baby inshaAllah. I need your email for the baby shower. Would you please send it to

Umm Ibraheem said...

As Salaamu aalaykum, sister I need your help. I launched a forum on attachment parenting within the confines of Islam and I need more members to enrich my site.

Muslim Hippie said...

UmmIbrahim- Sorry for the late response, I've been out of town. I'll definitely check out your blog and link to it in one of my posts soon inshaAllah.

Bosnian- I know you! I didn't know you checked my blog. I'll email soon inshaAllah.

Kate- I think we have the tom lakes confused, we were by the Canadian border, if we go Norther than that, we'll hit Canada!