Monday, February 18, 2008

Poll far!

Salaam readers, Alhamdulilah I'm all refreshed and ready to rumble:)

10 People took the poll so far, its not a big number, but neither is my audience. I am pleased people are responding though. I also hope more Muslims get involved soon inshaAllah.
So what I'm doing now is breaking down the votes, and For new voters, just read this post to know what you need to do according to your category.

Yes voters:
Should have everything down, so all they need to do now is follow the recipes and update me on their green clean mosques.

Maybe voters:
Need to learn more, please post your questions on the comment section or email me and I'll be more than pleased to answer your questions.

No voters:
I understand some mosques have politics that are tricky to penetrate. Here's what you can do. Post the green recipes on the wall, and maybe someone will pick them up. Middle eastern Mosques are even trickier coz they're watched by the government and it could cause the person involved problems. My suggestion: Abort mission! Just follow the recipes yourself and pass it along to friends and family.

Here's another project I support, find the time to look at it, you wont be disappointed. You can also visit it's website if you click on the Ad on the side bar.

On a totally irrelevant topic, here's a photo from this weekends family outings. The Photo shows a paintings below zero exhibit at the millennium park. The artist(Gordan Halloran) uses portable refrigerators with vertical metal plates covered in painted ice. Its totally out of this world. Chicago residents should check it out. The exhibit lasts till February 29th.
You can click on both images to view the full size and more details.

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