Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Project Green Clean Mosque

I've been blog hopping around and came across some interesting green Muslim bloggers.
There are lots of efforts being done Alhamdulilah. It definitely makes me feel better than yesterdays down post.
I think I am officially ready to start my first project for this blog. Please take the poll shown to the side of this post.

The first project idea is Project Clean Green Mosque.

What you'll need to do:
Learn the making of natural non-toxic cleaning products( ridiculously cheap and easy).
Teach them to the person in charge of cleaning your mosque, or volunteer to make them in exchange for the price they would pay for regular toxic store bought products.

Why Join the project:
Many reasons, to name a few.
Cleaner air to smell.
Less trash( you'll re-use the spray bottles you're using by refilling them).
More connection to the earth ( Allah's creation).
A better place to pray. No headache from the chemical smelling carpet when prostrating.
And most importantly you'll ensure you're little one is breathing non-toxic scents.

If you're interested and don't know how to start. Keep reading the blog and I'll be posting "Project Clean Green Mosque" recipes. Also I'll update you on the first mosque that is joining Project Clean Green Mosque. The 51st street Mosque in the south of Chicago IL.
Don't forget the niyya ( intention) for preserving Allah's creation.

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