Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Assignement

Today's been a long day. I was almost discouraged from writing todays post, but I made a vow, and if I slack once, well it wouldn't be good for my "nafs" ( inferior self) I know I would just keep making excuses. So today's post is more of a challenge and self discipline for me than anything else. This doesn't mean that I won't give all you lovely people something to do.
Here's a little assignment for you guys, We can do the self disciplining together...WHAAHAAA.. Evil huh!
You'll thank me later hopefully ( right now I'm displaying a puppy face with a whimpering sound, you can't resist that face, can you?)

OK don't worry its not a difficult assignment, nothing you guys can't handle. All you have to do is listen to this awesome talk by Imam Zaid Shakir. I was listening to this talk called Redefining Muslim Families in the Modern Times about a week ago on my i pod during one of my many sleepless nights.
I realized how this talk gives a great history of the breakdown of the traditional family. How the introduction of industry, mass production, materialism threw us out of sync with the natural order of things. The problems that came with industrialization brought about specific trades, and the need for modern unnatural education and schools. Instead of having wholesome education we had to go to modern schools learn how to work in factories, and specify in one field of study.
The talk goes on and branches out, but I think even if its unintended for this blogs main topic. It hits home with many problems of our unsustainable lifestyle. It gives prospective to the bigger picture.

The Assignment:

Find one point in the talk and discuss it in a greener manner. I'll be checking on your comments. There's no deadline. There's just a girl behind a screen waiting for some feedback.

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Muslim Hippie said...

BTW I noticed the complete failure of my assignment post for you guys.I guess I deserve it who wants to do work for a blog, isn't living life enough work already! I'm with ya, what was I thinking!