Monday, February 25, 2008

So long..Farewell

The month of February is about to bid us farewell. This year February felt like the longest month of the year. How is it the shortest month on the calendar? Remind me please. Well I guess time is relative after all. Its a creation like the rest of us. So this year February decided to be long and cccc..cold.
I have to admit it. It was a challenging month for me.

So in honor of this month I am dedicating this post to February. Thank you February for everything that you are.

Here's a list of things that I am grateful for this month:* The many sunless days reminding us to appreciate sunlight.
* The Sunny days that come after those gloomy days.
* Walks to the park with the sun blinding my eyes, and my baby digging her face in my back trying to hide from the sun( I carry her on my back these days, she's getting heavy masha Allah).
*Stepping on hollow ice and breaking it into tiny little pieces like broken glass.
*Baking something hot for the cold.
*The smell of this baked something filling the air.
*Hot chocolate.
*Little peanuts ducky feet fleece slippers.( Thank you Grand ma).
*Little peanuts golden streaks glowing in the sunlight gracing us through the window.
* Snow on the trees.
* Mountains of yucky slushy scarped snow.
* Cruising along lake shore drive.
*Icicles on rooftops, and on the outside of our living room windows.
*Bare trees. Frozen lakes. The sound of branches against our glass windows.
The sound of flying geese passing by, and of course Squirrels ( I love them every month of the year):)
*My favorite one is My baby's waking up sounds" tsss..tsss..laughter, more tsss..tsss... and finally bye ya baba" (bye dad in Arabic).

( This post is inspired by a fellow blogger)

It's a good reminder for us all. Be Grateful for your blessings. Alhamdulilah for February:)

What are you Grateful for this month? Feel free to share.

(Btw, Some of the pics are from last years February in Wisconsin, My first love)



Concerned Citizen said...

What a nice post!

I am sick right now so I am grateful for my health (which I usually have) and for the blessing of food and shelter which makes living in Chicago in the winter bearable and even pleasant. And of course, I am grateful for the gift of Islam.

What fellow blogger inspired this post?

Muslim Hippie said...

Soule mama, is my fellow blogger, she's awesome. Who knows maybe one day I can be that good of a writer. Or maybe not. Its fine either way.