Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Here's what I have for you today. I came across this amazing talk by Sir Ken Robinson, about education titled "Do Schools kill Creativity?". Have we turned against our nature even in educating our youngsters?
Feel free to post your thoughts regarding this talk.

For those of you wondering about Project Green Clean Mosque updates. I'll be posting some photos and comments from the congregation soon inshaAllah.
Meanwhile I'll be working some more on the blogs final look, and posting some thoughts, and interesting things I come across as I go by.
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Rania said...

Depends on the school and even more so the teacher and her philosophy. Home schooling is not for everyone. I am teacher and certainly pray that I'm not "killing" anything positive in any of my kids.

Muslim Hippie said...

Oh the articles title is taken from the link I posted by Sir Ken Robinson. My husband is studying to become a school teacher.
Schools were invented to teach people to work in factories and learn specific skills. I'm only challenging this concept. Teachers and schools are great individuals and organizations subsequently. Homeschooling isn't necessarily superior to schools. The point is wholesome schooling Vs specialized schooling.